Special English Edition: Moving to Poland to Live, Work and How to Learn Polish

One of the funny things about getting more well known amongst Poles has been that a large number of people (mostly women!) have written to me asking for help to persuade their partners to move over to Poland. 

I stopped writing in English about Poland in 2013, when I began this blog, but for almost 3 years I wrote in English about my life here.

I wrote a pretty good blogpost there with tips on how to learn Polish here but I wanted to list my latest advice on moving to Poland and how to find work in Poland and learning Polish here for readers like Sylwia and Małgorzata. 

In both cases - looking for work and learning Polish - it isn't easy. Nothing in life is easy, and if one thing really annoys me it's the language schools that have titles like 'Learning Polish is easy!' or 'Learn Polish in 60 days.' I promise you nothing but hard work and more hard work! 

In these two videos you'll find my advice (in English) on both these topics. No nonsense - just honest opinions from someone living and working in Poland since 2010!

Unfortunately I can't help people with individual enquiries as I already work too long as it is, but I hope these videos really help you. 

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In 6 minutes I explain the top 4 options you face when you move to Poland looking for work and I give my #1 advice for what to do before you move here.